Wadhurst Surgery

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Ticehurst Surgery

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Cervical smear tests

It is recommended that women between the ages of 25 and 49 should have a test every three years and between 50 and 64 every five years unless otherwise advised. These tests can be performed by the practice nurses or Dr Alison Shaw. Please make an appointment with the receptionist if you require this test. Breast awareness can also be discussed at these appointments.

For information about smears during the COVID-19 pandemic – please visit https://www.jostrust.org.uk/coronavirus/how-it-works-now 

Minor operative procedures

Where appropriate some minor operations can be performed in the Wadhurst surgery. If you feel you need this service please discuss it with your doctor or the practice nurses.

Family planning advice

Dr Alison Shaw, Dr Jessa Morton and the practice nurses are available for family planning advice. A full range of contraceptive advice is available. If you prefer however you may see your own doctor. The receptionist will make the appropriate appointments for you.

Ante-natal clinic

The GPs have dedicated clinics for ante-natal and post natal reviews as required.

Diabetic clinic

Our diabetes patients are looked after by Dr Blackburn together with our Nursing team.  The Diabetes review system is centrally administered by Ms Jenny Tayler.  Please contact Jenny should you have any queries as to when your review is due or any other diabetic queries and she will advise you / direct your query as appropriate she can be reached on ext. 215.

Asthma clinic

This clinic is run by Lead Nurse Lian White. Patients are invited for regular reviews to improve the quality of control of their asthma.

Chiropody clinic

Although we do not provide a chiropody service at the practice we will refer patients with certain specified medical problems to the regional clinic in Crowborough. Please discuss this with your doctor.